Friday, December 05, 2008

From the Seymour Point Scrapbook


Scenic Drive Around Lower Section Expected to be Passable Next Fall.

A wonderful scenic drive of more than 28 miles around the first four lakes of the Fulton Chain is to be made possible with the completion of the Old Forge-Inlet road up to the south side of First, Second, Third and Fourth Lakes this year.

The surveyors are working along the present Little Moose road and County Superintendent of Highways W.H. Corey says he expects to have the new part of the road cut out and graded for use this fall.

From Old Forge, the new road will follow the Little Moose road to a point near the West Marsh Creek bridge.  There it turns toward the lake front and follows the line of the old tote-road for a greater part of the way.  It passes back of the Green camp, the Baum camp, the Aquipine and the Tuttle camps and along the line of the Fourth Allotment cottage lots to the Inlet road.

As the road stands now it is a town proposition and will remain so unless the State adopts it. The road will be macadamized for two and one-half miles from Old Forge.  The total distance from Old Forge to Inlet will be 12 miles.

It will be remembered that this is a part of the proposed State highway from Old Forge to Blue Mountain Lake, the legislation for which was lost in the shuffle of the last session at Albany. But despite this fact the motorists of the State are to be blessed with this south shore road which will make possible a complete loop of the beautiful bodies of water comprising the Lower Chain. The man with the motor car will be able to start from Old Forge, swing up along the south side, or vice versa, according to his taste.  The announcement of Mr. Corey that he hopes to have the cutting and grading done and the road in shape for use this fall will be received with a great deal of pleasure by thousands.  The job is a sizeable one and will be of inestimable benefit to the entire middle Adirondacks.  Contracts are to be let as soon as bids can be secured.

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  1. Hi, I'm Marylee Armour's daughter (Twin Coves) and I have been meaning to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog over the years. I'm doing some tote road research and your post turned up. Do you have the date on the article you mention in this post? I bet it's 1923 but if you could let me know that would be great.
    best wishes also on recent events!