Thursday, January 24, 2008

AdirondackBoys 2008

It is a strange, sort of schizophrenic experience to live life in two places, to have two homes.  We live in New York City but we also live in Old Forge.  The two can be great complements to each other -- the city full of energy and edge, the adirondacks a place to recharge and reflect.  Other times, trying to straddle the two worlds becomes too much.  It can be hard to live in one place, let alone two.  All of this is a way of explaining why we have not posted to the blog in a long time.  New York and work and friends and lack of energy have made it hard to focus on the Adirondacks.  But we are hoping to begin blogging more regularly in 2008 and to continue to record our thoughts and feelings about the great place that is our second home. See you soon!  The Adirondack Boys