Sunday, November 05, 2006

In an Adirondack Garden: Hydrangea

It's an odd thing, gardening in a forest, trying to impose human will and design, order, on a landscape that will never be tamed. But we try to add color, order, more beauty all around our house. The deer stayed away from our hydrangea this year and the plants flourished. We cut them each week and put an arrangement in the guest room in a simple Daum crystal vase. The River Birches we planted also did quite well this season, but the hydrangea beat out everything for resilience and beauty. The flowers kept blooming, right up through October and Columbus day weekend. Plant hydrangea in your Adirondack garden and enjoy the color and fresh cut flowers throughout summer and fall. We have a long row of them as you approach the house and they are the perfect way to welcome our guests. They look as great in the woods as they do on our table.

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