Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Adirondack Reader

Among the greatest pleasures in life is reading a good book. Aside from reading them, books look wonderful almost anywhere in a well decorated house. They add visual interest, provide places to explore on a rainy afternoon, and reveal your style. The writer and photographer Ralph Kylloe has published some of the most beautiful books about Adirondack style and design. His new book, Adirondack Home, is our favorite. Our copy sits on our coffee table in the camp's living room for our guests to read. Sometimes I put it in the guest room to give the guests a visual introduction to the Park on their first night in the woods. For more on Ralph Kylloe, see By the way, there is a great little bookstore in Inlet called The Adirondack Reader. It is in the middle of town, near the Town Hall, across the street from the Tamarac Restaurant and movie theater. It is run by Reggie Chambers, a teacher and resident of the area for many years. It's not Barnes & Noble - and that's why we love it. Stop in to visit Reggie if you ever pass through Inlet.

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