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William H. Seymour Turns 100, July 15, 1902, Utica Herald Dispatch

The original builder of Seymour Point, Helen Seymour Sylvester, was the daughter of William H. Seymour, who apparently lived to be at least 100 years old as demonstrated by this article in the Utica Herald Dispatch dated July 15, 1902.  


His Centennary Celebrated in Brockport
-- His Father Was a Brother of Horatio Seymour's Grandfather

The one hundredth birthday of William H. Seymour of Brockbort was fittingly celebrated in that village yesterday.  Early in the morning the church bells were rung loud and loudly, flags were displayed at the homes of those living near Mr. Seymour's residence and the municipality itself recognized the event by flinging out its flag from the pole of the village hall.

In the morning Mr. Seymour enjoyed an automobile ride in company with Wilson H. Moore and from 5 until 7 o'clock this evening a reception tendered to his friends and the public upon the lawn of his home.  The guests were received by Mrs. William B. Sylvester, Mr. Seymour's daughter, and refreshments were served by the ladies of the Presbyterian Church.  Heinrich's orchestra furnished music.

William H. Seymour was born July 15, 1802 in the village of Litchfield, Conn., and is the fifth in descent from Richard Seymour, whose name first appears upon the town records of Hartford in 1639.  The family is remarkable for the longevity of its members, the aggregate ages of the past five generations being 420 years.

Mr. Seymour is a "real son of the American revolution," Samuel Seymour, his father, and his uncle, Moses Seymour, having held commissions in the revolutionary army as capital and major respectively.  After the revolution, the brothers, Samuel and Moses, engaged together in the manufacture of hats in Litchfield.  Moses Seymour was the father of the Hon. Henry Seymour, canal commissioner of the State of New York during the construction of the Erie Canal, and whose son, Horatio Seymour, was once Governor of New York.

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