Monday, December 15, 2008

A Ride in the Chris-Craft

Each year, we take a ritual last ride around the lake in the 1953 Chris-Craft that my great-grandfather bought when my grandfather purchased Kenwood from James Kennedy.  The Chris-Craft, like any antique boat or car, has its own temperamental personality.  Jiggle the throttle this way and it starts, that way and it stalls.  Anyway, this year we left on our final voyage of the season heading toward Inlet and the boat began to make troubling noises and then just died in the middle of the lake.  We paddled to shore, docked the boat at an empty camp, and walked back to Penwood.  We returned in the other boat to tow it back to the boathouse and disccovered that we were out of gas.  The boat has no gas gauge other than an old yard stick that has to be dipped into the fuel tank, so sometimes we forget what's in the tank.  Anyway, it was a memorable end-of-season voyage.  The Chris-Craft is sleeping soundly now through the winter.

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