Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Original Adirondack Camp

There were at least two or three lean-tos on the Seymour Point property -- one by the waterfront on Fourth Lake, one on a point, and one in the woods facing the lake.  One survives. I remember sleepovers in the lean-to during childhood summers.  My mother would camp out with us.  During the night, we would get spooked by the sounds of the woods and scamper up the hill back to our beds.  My mother woke up alone in the cold.  After a few of those episodes, she no longer joined us on our camping adventures in the lean-to.  Sadly, the lean-to is not much used these days.   I think we need to add a carpet and some pillows to encourage more guests to lounge in that great old shelter, the original Adirondack camp.

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