Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fourth Lake Whispers

We hear that. . . Maryann Kowalsky is a grandmother. Her daughter, Kim, and son-in-law, Dave, have a beautiful daughter and are living in Saratoga Springs. . .Tyler Gervaise and his family have finished their camp leveling and restoration project at their Fourth Lake camp near Alger Island. . .Artist David R.C. Oster has been working on a pen and ink drawing of the new house at Penwood and will unveil it soon. . .Sarah Cohen has left Old Forge for the winter and is comfortably settled in her winter home in Guatemala. . .Dr. Robert Segaul and his wife Susie of Segaul's Nest are enjoying their grandchildren in Plantation, Florida. . .George and Madeline Spoll are enjoying the sunshine at their winter home in Longboat Key, Florida. . .Cathy and Paul Rivet, proprietors of the excellent Old Forge restaurant Five Corners Cafe, have closed the cafe for the winter and are enjoying time with their son. . .the venerable Old Forge Hardware has been sold to local residents Erica Wilcox Murray and Terry Murray by Sarah Cohen and Linda Cohen. . .


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Thanks for including us in your news. Great photos! Happy New Year to both of you. Maryann K.

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