Monday, December 15, 2008

The Five Bedrooms

Bedrooms in Adirondack camps often have nicknames reflecting their history.  Ours have evolved over time. The five bedrooms at Penwood are knows as (1) the Eisenhower Room, my brother's bedroom that was once the nursery for me, was previously separated into two smaller bedrooms to accommodate a housekeeper; the room is very 50's with mod wicker chairs and 50's lamps. (2) the Boys Camp, my old bedroom and before that, my Uncle Chuck's bedroom, shown here, is decked out with vintage camp signs, maps, fishing creels and snowshoes, as well as a sign with the single word "MAIL" in bold black paint to remind us to get the mail from the mail boat each morning.  (3) Nina's Room, which was the original master bedroom and is the largest of the five.  It was the room in which my grandmother and grandfather stayed when they owned Penwood.  It is connected to the Boys Camp room by a door hidden in the closet, installed by the Kennedys - we think to allow for the Boys Camp room to be used as a nursery with easy access to the parental bedroom next door.  (4) Florence's Room, which was my mother's childhood bedroom. Some people say that this room is haunted with a female presence who visits from time to time, perhaps my grandmother or the original owner of the house, Helen Seymour Sylvester. We know that at least two people died on the property - Helen and one of her relatives named Wiley.  (5) the Master Bedroom, where my parents sleep now.  I don't think we've come up with a more suitable shorthand name for that room yet.

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