Tuesday, December 09, 2008

An Extraordinary Time for Our Nation

I have been a Republican my whole life, supportive of the idea that a smaller government, strong national defense and low taxes were the fundamental ways to keep America strong.  I worked in the Bush 41 White House; I worked as an aide on to the Chairman of the Bush campaign in 1992 and have consistently voted and supported Republican candidates.  Until this year.  I was moved and inspired by the President-Elect because I saw that the U.S. Government was essentially, profoundly failing to meet its obligation to its people.  We were in two wars draining our treasury; foundering on National Security issues; living in cities where bridges collapse and kill our citizens; where millions cannot get or afford decent health care.  In the richest city in the richest country in the world, New York City, I see homeless, downtrodden, hopeless people. I see educated, affluent people who cannot find a job and can no longer afford their prescription medicine.   I see crumbling streets and filth and people who are hungry.  I saw a city devastated by a collosal storm in the south while the federal government looked the other way and failed its people. The economy is in crisis, there is a loss of American prestige around the world, people wonder whether our best days are in the past.  This is a horrid time, but it presents a profoundly promising opportunity to get it right, to reset, to regroup and reemerge stronger, smarter and to lead the world by the power of our example.

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  1. Extraordinary indeed.

    Now is not the time to waver from Conservative values.