Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Chris-Craft is Sick

This 1953 Chris-Craft Riviera was purchased by my grandfather, Albert Gordon, in 1953.  It has pulled skiers, raced on the lake, and survived slams into many unprotected docks.  Now it had reached one of those moments when its ailments are getting bigger and bigger and need to be addressed.  Sadly, it was diagnosed with dry rot last summer, has a cracked windshield, takes on water quickly, and needs to be regrouted.  The fuel filter is dirty and gets clogged because of a decaying fuel tank, which needs to be removed and cleaned.  All of this will be expensive to fix, and is the last thing anyone wants to think about when the economy is in the gutter as it is now.  People ask whether we will sell it or put it into storage, but I cannot imagine doing either.  When you are fortunate to have a piece of history like this boat, it is a responsibility to care for it and keep it for future generations.  It's easier and cheaper to toss it aside and let it be yet another piece of history discarded and forgotten, but we won't let that happen.  It now sleeps soundly out of the water, up on its mounts, waiting for the snow to come and go and the sun to come out again on Fourth Lake.

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