Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Camp Eagle Cove Redevelopment Update

As noted previously, the Camp Eagle Cove property on South Shore Road was purchased by Greg and Dawn Timm, realtors in the Old Forge area and proprietors of Timm Associates. Based on Adirondack Park Agency and New York State records, the Timms incorporated Adirondack Phoenix Properties, Inc. to own the property during the development process. Adirondack Phoenix applied for a permit to develop the property by subdividing the 28 acre parcel into several lots on which will be constructed several single family dwellings.   Some of the homes would be built with lake facing lots and others with no lakefront.  There would therefore be two layers of homes, one set on the lake and another set behind those, closer to the South Shore Road.  The application appears to be pending before the APA and the following status report was published in advance of the next APA meeting: 

The project involves the subdivision of 28.88 acres into 13 lots, thereby creating 12 new building lots and a shoreline access lot.  Lots 1 - 10 and the shoreline access lot are located on the north side of South Shore Road in a Moderate Intensity Use land use area.  Lots 11 and 12 are located on the south side of South Shore Road in a Rural Use land use area.  Lots 1 - 10 range in size from 0.89± acres to 2.52± acres. The shoreline access lot is 0.44± acres.  Lots 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8 have existing structures on them that will remain and be used as single family dwellings.  Lots 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 and the shoreline access lot are vacant (i.e., they do not have any existing dwellings on them).  There are tennis courts on lots 9 and 10 and a barn on Lot 11.  One new single family dwelling is proposed for each of the vacant lots.  All of the proposed dwellings whether existing or proposed will be serviced by a well and an on-site wastewater treatment system.  Lots 1- 6 and the shoreline access lot have frontage on Fourth Lake but do not have any frontage on South Shore Road.  Lots 7 - 12 have frontage on South Shore Road, but no frontage on the Lake.  Lots 7 - 12 will have access to the Lake through the shoreline access lot.  Access to lots 1 - 6 will be by successive easements across adjoining lots.  Access to Lots 7 -12 will be directly from South Shore Road.  An homeowners association is proposed that will own the shoreline access lot and manage the proposed roads.  Most of the site is in the Town of Webb Herkimer County except Lot 1 which is in both the Town of Webb and the Town of Inlet Hamilton County.

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