Monday, December 15, 2008

The Beauty of the Bunk House

A few years ago, our friends who have a camp on Fourth Lake saw the writing on the wall: their kids were having kids and the original camp didn't have enough space to support the growing family if they, or some of them, visited at the same time.  Their solution? Build a new, simple and functional bunk house up the drive from the main camp to house overflow guests and family.  The bunk house is small but very functional - it has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, as well as a living room with a small kitchen and sofas that could sleep one or two more in a pinch.  The guests can sleep, shower and get some privacy in the bunk house and take advantage of the comforts of the main camp the rest of the time.  In the end, guests to our camp always want to be outside when the weather allows -- swimming, boating, hiking and just enjoying the lake and the beauty of the Adirondack wilderness.  And the bunk house is there when they are weary and ready for a hot shower and a restful sleep.  It is a simple solution to a problem that faces the family camp and allows everyone to be together without rolling out the sleeping bags.

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