Tuesday, December 09, 2008

At Last, a Farmer's Market for Old Forge

After a small and petty battle with small minded local opponents of the establishment of a farmers market in Old Forge, the proponents of the market won.  The Old Forge Farmers Market's first season was a great success.  This is important to everyone in the area -- to the farmers who need a market for their excellent, fresh food and goods; to the locals who need fresh food in a place where it's not always easy to get it; and to visitors to Old Forge who bring money and business to the local shopowners, who need more business to survive. The market is held each Friday afternoon behind the Old Forge Hardware in Old Forge.  Among the items for sale are fresh flowers, herbs, produce, fruits, and fresh breads.  We loved the sense of community the market created and we loved the freshness of the food.  It certainly beats the local grocery.  We look forward to next season and an even bigger success.  More information to follow as soon as we get through the winter!

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