Monday, December 01, 2008

Adirondack Silence, December 2008

We spent a long weekend at the lake.  It was snowy and silent.  I walked outside without a coat, smoking a cigarette and listening to the snow fall.  I have a few of these moments of peace each time I visit the house, but they are pretty rare these days.  I keep thinking back to the days when life seemed simpler, less complicated, without a house and all that comes with it.  I keep glancing toward the bay and the two lots that were sold from our property many years ago.  There is a phenomenon where a place becomes so filled with memory that it's difficult to find a place of peace in it.  So much happened here!  I learned to swim, drive a boat, know my grandmother, feel encroached upon by new neighbors where once there was only nature - trees, a field and a deer.  

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