Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Perfect Little Balcony

This is the balcony in our camp's guest suite, which we call the Hideout. The Hideout balcony is small but it works well for its intended purpose: a place to look out at the bay on Fourth Lake, to have coffee in the morning and read the newspaper. French doors lead to the balcony, so guests can open the doors and have a breeze and enjoy the view. It feels a little like being in a tree house, to sit on the balcony or rest on the bed just next to the doors. The chairs are from the Sundance Catalog, but have been discontinued. The balcony floor is made of fir. Shingles are cedar shakes, stained by hand in Evergreen. The pulley in the corner of this photo was used by our stone mason to haul granite up from the ground as he built our chimney. We try to set up as many opportunities as we can for our guests to appreciate the views, the silence, the air. This is one place they - and we - love to enjoy.

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