Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fresh Flowers Everywhere

Each week, we replenish our supply of fresh flowers. These are calla lillies in an arts and crafts vase sitting atop a dining table by Stickley. Flower arrangements in the home can be very simple and still be as stunning as an arrangement from a good florist that costs $200. Pick a simple but well designed vase and keep the arrangement simple and you can't lose. Never try to do too much, with too may colors. Change the flowers often and try them in different places throughout the home. Bring nature inside and see what a difference it makes, for you and your guests. Remember to do a fresh flower arrangement for your guest room before your guests arrive; nothing shows you care about their visit like a fresh flower arrangement. We love Calyx & Corolla for fresh cut flowers, plants, bonsai and holiday arrangements.

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