Thursday, November 09, 2006

In Praise of the Picture Rail

Many people don't know about picture rails these days, and yet they are one of the most practical and useful ways to embellish a house. A standard feature of many homes built in the past, picture rails are all but absent from modern interiors, with the exception of museums and galleries. Most of us hang pictures by nailing a hook into a wall, hanging a picture and finally standing back in the hope that the result is attractive and doesn't have to be adjusted. With a picture rail, much of the guesswork is unnecessary. A standard length of picture hanging cord and a decorative hook will help you achieve a lovely result every time. Moreover, you can change your pictures around easily and without leaving unsightly holes in your walls (especially important if you have plaster walls). So if you're building or renovating your home, consider installing a picture rail. It's surprisingly inexpensive, and it will dress up a home of any style immeasurably. Rejuvenation stocks picture rail hooks and cord in several styles and colors.

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