Friday, November 10, 2006

Rocky Point: R.I.P.

The beautiful old Rocky Point resort is gone. It has been replaced by modern condominiums and a clubhouse with an indoor pool. The last remnant of the original Rocky Point, the gazebo at the tip of the point, burned to the ground and was replaced with a pressure-treated-wood gazebo-ette. My last memory of the old Rocky Point is having dinner in the dining room with my family. I wanted to dress up for dinner and it was the sole remaining restaurant where jackets at dinner were required for gentlemen.


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I Have Spent many a fine summer at Rocky point Resort. Loved the clay tennis courts, and the original gazebo was a good place to hang out while the parents were "enjoying themselves in the lounge after dinner". I've climbed Rocky mountain about a hundred times it seems. It's a shame that the place was turned to condos. I really liked the Delmarsh family who owned the resort, whenever we would go there we would hang out with Chris and see what trouble we could get into, He was also a great tennis player. I really enjoyed my summers in the Adirondacs and especially Rocky Point.

    1. Anonymous11:31 PM

      Our family vacationed at Rocky Point every summer for about 15 years--from the early 50's to the late 60's. I even brought my husband and our children in the mid 80's. Sadly, it closed shortly after that. I enjoyed hiking up Rocky Mtn, going on scavenger hunts, fishing for minnows, water skiing and finally being allowed swim by myself out to the raft and go off the high dive. We always went the same week each summer (third week in July), and developed a cadre of summer friends who went the same week,too. Some of the other great memories I have were finally being old enough to use the billiard room, the evening "Horse races" and bingo games, the shows that the staff put on from the gym stage, lobster night on Fridays, the kid's costume parades, square dances and the farewell dance on Friday night. We always stay in Llenroc Cottage (Cornell spelled backwards in honor of Fred and Rena Norton, who went there). I always dreamed of staying at Trails End, though alas, it was never to be! I think when we went back with our kids in the 80's it had been sold to a family for their private use...Judy Delmarsh was my age, and I enjoyed hanging out with her. I worshipped Kit Delmarsh from afar...My husband and I once went back to RPI after it had been turned into condos, and I honestly wished we hadn't. It was such a sad experience. THanks for the chance to share the memories...

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    My family and I spent a wonderful vacation at Rocky Point in the summer of 1961. Our neighbors had a summer cottage on Fourth Lake and told us about the resort. Sorry to see it go. I, too remember the Gazebo at the point. I recall how the kids at the resort would go there in the evenings. It was special place where we could talk. My special memory of Rocky Point was Sunny Delmarsh. Sunny, a beautiful young woman, loved tennis as much as her sibs. I sensed, though, that she was cautious about getting too close to the guests so although I was clearly taken with her, nothing ever came of it. At Rocky Point was the place I also saw the Aurora Borealis. Truly and amazing sight at a wonderful place.

  3. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Sunny Delmarsh sat behind me in biology class at Old Forge High School. Thought she was like cinderalla, the most beautiful maiden ever laid eyes on.
    John R Garland
    Class of 1962
    Living at Captains Cove in VA.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I worked there in 1964. My uncle, Jerry Morgan, ran the bar for years. Great memories. Bonnie Delmarsh, one of a kind.