Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Retasking an Outdated Structure

There are two massive granite fireplaces at Penwood, a necessity at the time of the lodge's contruction. There were no space heaters; there was no electricity. As a result, fire was the way to keep warm and that required a lot of wood. This is the old wood shed that had fallen into disrepair over the years. It became a storage shed and was sorely ignored by ourselves and our guests. A few years ago, we cleaned it up and installed a simple paver floor and short wall to prevent damage from erosion. It is now a new space to sit, entertain, have dinner, relax. It has a perfect vantagepoint from which to view the lake. We now call it the Chime House and have installed a dozen chimes that gong softly in the wind, sounding out across the property.

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