Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bois de Rose, a Paris Original

We admit that this is not an obviously Adirondack post, but it will have an Adirondack impact when our two nieces show up at Penwood requiring fine dresses to wear. Now, these nieces have not yet arrived in this world. They are still what we like to call "pods" -- twins -- who we have nicknamed ipod and jpod. But when they do arrive, we will be visiting Bois de Rose often to purchase beautiful smocks main -- or handmade dresses, in French -- for them. In New York City, Bois de Rose is all the rage and Upper East Side moms turn to anyone planning a trip to Paris to pick up a suitcase full of their lovely dresses. The store and its proprietress are charming, almost as charming as the fine, and fairly priced, dresses they sell. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a matching dress for your doll -- many of the dresses have doll-size twin outfits, too. If you are not planning a Paris trip, there are some select retailers in the U.S. that carry Bois de Rose dresses, but they are, of course, seriously marked up. Bon chance!

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