Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Albedorians of Fourth Lake

We think that the camp called Albedor is among the best of the camps on the Fulton Chain and in the Park. We call its owners the Albedorians because their amazing Fourth Lake Great Camp is called Albedor. The camp was named for the three daughters (ALice, BEtty and DORothy, we think) of the man who built the massive house on the shores of the lake, the mansion with its dozen bedrooms and ballroom in the upper floor of the boathouse. By comparison, Penwood appears to be a carriage house! Anyway, we read in the Utica Observer Dispatch recently that the Albedorians purchased the Adirondack Cheese Company. They moved to the Adirondacks from San Francisco, bought Albedor, the Cheese Co., and got busy. We think the Albedorians are great. And not just because we want an invitation to Albedor. . .In years past, guests to Penwood would occasionally get lost and pull into Albedor, thinking it was our house because of the names of my grandparents who bought Penwood in 1953 - Albert and Dorothy.

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  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    For the record...it's Aline, Betty, and Doris.