Monday, November 27, 2006

Adirondack League Club, Forest Lodge

This is the interior of Forest Lodge, Adirondack League Club, Honnedaga Lake, New York.

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  1. I actually was a cook at the Adirondack League Club (promoted from scullion after the "real" cook quit) during the summer of 1962.

    Quite the place. I remember absolutely clear water, a couple off Adirondack guide canoes or guideboats, I think they called them.

    Wide at the gunwales, swiftly swooping in an S-curve down to a narrow (maybe 9 inches?) flat bottom. Made of thin cedar, thin-necked oars that bent in the water if you pulled hard, and then snapped straight for a little boost of speed.

    And the Ballantine (of brewing notoriety) "cabin." Three stories. Tile shower stalls. Four bays on the water. Two for seaplanes, two for Chris-Craft speed boats. A generator shed back in the woods.

    Some "cabin."

    As I recall, a Bea and Alex Kilb were the season caretakers of the lake and the lodge. I uncertainly remember that they lived in Dolgeville.

    There were just a couple of grandmothers who lived near the lodge (their families no longer came to the lake, but they liked it).

    I cooked their meals, and the meals for about 13 staff members. Six meals a day. Bread, rolls, steaks, stews, soups, pies, cakes. Thank god for "Joy of Cooking" and all its "chemistry of cooking" chapters.