Thursday, October 26, 2006

Penwood History - September 28, 1944 to September 30, 1953

In 1944, the property was sold to James and Marjorie Kennedy of Rome, New York. When the property was sold, it came with the custom built furnishings in excellent condition, as well as a library full of books, including a scrapbook kept by Mrs. Sylvester. Kennedy was president of Revere Brass & Copper, Inc. and was an avid fisherman. He liked the proximity of the property to his home, only an hour away by car. Kennedy cleared the burned boards and materials that were the remnants of the original boathouse and constructed a new but modest boathouse with no guest quarters. It was large enough for two boats. They replaced the illuminating gas system in the main lodge with electricity.The property was renamed Kenwood. In the 1990’s the children and cousins of the Kennedys visited the property at the invitation of the property's current owners, Margery Gordon Burstein and Alan Burstein. James Kennedy found the wheelbarrow he used to hand carry groceries and luggage from the parking lot to the main house, which remains on the property today. The driveway from the South Shore Road to the house, one third of a mile long, ended at the bottom of the hill on which the main house was built. Everything had to be hand carried from the parking lot or dock to the main lodge until 1991, when Margery and Alan Burstein extended the driveway all the way up to the main house's back entrance.

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