Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Bridge to Nowhere

We called this the Bridge to Nowhere during my childhood. Years later, it is the bridge to Nina's Camp. The bridge was there first; I don't know why it was originally built since its lead to an impassable, overgrown peninsula crowded with trees, ferns, and deadwood. Fallen, dead and decaying trees blocked what might otherwise be, and now have become, walking paths. The boathouse, the third to be built at Penwood, is nearby. The original boathouse was stunning, with multiple slips and living quarters above. It burned down in a fire in the 30's. If it was still here, it would block this view. I would like to build a grander, more detailed and handcrafted bridge here in a few years. This one is generic pressure treated wood, and it's becoming more and more off-center as the lake freezes and thaws each year; the freeze-thaw cycle has already decimated our dock, which remains above water thanks to rope, braces and prayer.

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