Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Adirondack Boys Recommend: Stickley Furniture

Stickley furniture doesn't need our recommendation. It has its own storied past and was part of the venerable Arts & Crafts movement; antique pieces are auctioned for tens of thousands of dollars or more today. But that's antique Stickley. Here, new Stickley furniture fills the living room at our camp. This is all oak furniture. The settle is very traditional Arts & Crafts style and is upholstered in a thick, green, textured fabric. The sitting chair on the left is upholstered in deep red leather and is adorned with detailed inlay on the sides and back. The lamp is a new Stickley lamp as well, in oak with a mica shade. The mica is very fragile; it's a natural material and can easily break or chip. Our experience with Stickley was great. The salespeople are very helpful, the furniture is of excellent quality, and the designs are timeless. For more information about Stickley, go to www.stickley.com.

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