Sunday, December 03, 2006

Raquette Lake RR Station and Steamboat Dock

The railroad was the principal mode of transportation to the Adirondack Park during its heyday. Once in the park, visitors often took large steamboats across the lake to their destinations, or just to tour the lake. Large tour boats, like the Clearwater on the Fulton Chain of Lakes, and Raquette Lake Navigation Company's vessel, continue to give visitors a similar experience with its narrated tours of the lakes.


  1. Image courtesy Carmichael Family Trust

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Hello Mark - I really would appreciate a credit line on each of the scans you have lifted from our website. And a link to our non-profit historical Adirondack website

    Since 1997 I have spent thousands of hours (and dollars) to make our website unique and it surprises me that you just go through and take what you want.

    Everyone else asks permission, and gives us credit. Fay Carmichael for the Carmichael Family Trust, Raquette Lake, NY