Monday, October 30, 2006

The Snow Returns to Old Forge

Old Forge is in a state of crisis. The snow has returned! Having spent only the warm and beautiful months at Penwood growing up, I did not understand the degree to which having an Adirondack home is - a battle. A battle with nature, with time. This photograph is of the lean-to and fireplace at the shore of Fourth Lake. As a child, I camped out here from time to time. It was frightening and exhilarating - unprotected from the elements, anything might happen. The roof of the lean-to had been replaced with an ugly metal roof at some point along the way. Last year, we had cedar shingles installed again. Though we don't use the lean-to very often, I love to look at it and stop by to visit: it's our sentinel - watching over Penwood, gazing out at the lake, waiting for us to return.

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