Saturday, December 27, 2008

Letter from Dan Rosenthal to Dorothea Rosenthal

The following is the text of an undated letter from Dan Rosenthal to his sister, Dorothea Rosenthal, my grandmother, found in a scrapbook kept by Dorothea.  It was written by Dan while he was a student at Harvard Law School.

Dear Dot:

I hardly have the time to write you the kind of letter I should - as I am smack in the middle of exams, as you know.  Nevertheless, I wanted this note to covey to you my fondest wish for a very, very happy birthday.  You deserve it, Dot, as you are a nice girl.  -- That's unusual for me to admit it, isn't it. -- Mother wrote me that you were admitted to Northwestern so all your worries on that score are gone.  Well, once again - Happy Birthday!


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