Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hideous Adirondack Interiors

I'm not sure why, but even in the most expensive new Adirondack homes, the style of choice seems to be blonde knotty pine, faux stone and cheap kitchens.  Look at any of the adirondack websites and even in $1 million homes, the interiors may be spacious but the owners demonstrate an absolutely horrific lack of style and taste.  Then there are the gut-job homes on the market which usually feature cheap paneling over antique beadboard (!), bad wall-to-wall carpet and a cheap wood stove.  And the requisite dirty la-z-boy sitting off to the side.  Look at these beauties.  Please buy one and fix this nightmare spreading like wildfire throughout the Park.  As Nina Garcia, editor-at-large of Elle and a judge on Project Runway, says, "I -- don't know what to say."


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    ah... the return of the arbiters of style and taste... how did we get along with your constant instruction on what we think is tasteful?

    Maybe we all didn't have the benefits of wealth that allow us to shop in Paris or keep up our subscriptions to the latest consumerist bs? Maybe we are not so self absorbed as to think the way our homes look is more important that some other stuff in life?

    kiss my unstylish ass.

  2. I don't think the way a home looks is more important than the really important, fundamental things in life. But I do think that it has an impact on how we feel and interact with our homes. There is an entire industry devoted to deisgn and style - and Adirondack and rustic style is one segment of it. I guess I am just interested in that style and how it evolved, how you put it together to make a beautiful home. But you are right that the way a home looks is not one of the great and meaningful things in life. MB

  3. Yee-ha. At least you aren't afraid to say what you think, unlike so many other people in the North Country.