Thursday, November 30, 2006

William H. Seymour Takes a Ride on His 100th Birthday

William H. Seymour, father of Helen Seymour Sylvester, takes a ride on the first "horseless carriage" in Brockport, New York, August 19, 1902. Mr. Sylvester was 100 years old on this day and was riding in the first automobile in town. Wilson H. Moore, driving, at left, was the owner of the car. Mr. Seymour would die the following year. His daughter would go on to build Seymour Point in Old Forge, which later became Penwood. Helen Seymour Sylvester inherited Mr. William H. Seymour's home in Brockport following her father's death. That home served as the Seymour Library for many years and now houses the Brockport Town Offices.

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