Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Queen Learns a Lesson

Helen Mirren performs brilliantly in her role as Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen. The Queen is the story of Princess Diana's death and the way it preyed on the sensibilities, and revealed the deep issues, of the royal family, especially, of course, the Queen herself. Her Majesty ultimately rises to the occasion, realizing that her subjects need her to acknowledge the tragedy and to comfort the nation. But it takes her a long time to arrive at that conclusion. Living in a bubble at Balmoral and as a sovereign, she cannot see that the death of the Princess is more than just a "private affair" to be handled privately. It tore the nation apart, and the world. There is nothing that can be said to sufficiently explain the spell Diana cast over us, but we knew it was special when she was here, and even more when she was suddenly gone.

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