Saturday, November 04, 2006

Like the Adirondacks, a Little

Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library

Photo Credit: Mark Burstein
We visited Kennebunkport, Maine this summer. It was, like the Adirondack Park, a stunning place to have a home by the water. Of course, there it was the ocean rather than a lake. There it was - Maine. Different, but similar. There is the same calming influence of the water and the boats, only the boats are bigger, like former President Bush's boat, Fidelity. Walker's Point is there, summer home to the Bush family - 12 acres of Maine land jutting out into the ocean, perched upon a rock. It is, like the Adirondacks, very rustic - ocean waves, rocky shores, fresh air, casual and small-town. If you like the Adirondacks, there is a lot about Maine that you will appreciate. Here, some boats are anchored in the bay near the town of Kennebunkport. It's a gorgeous place to visit.

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