Friday, November 10, 2006

Dedication to The Adirondack Tales, 1897

To all that camp on the shores of lakes, on breezy points, on banks of rivers, by sandy beaches, on slopes of mountrains, and under green trees anywhere, I, an old camper, a wood lover, an aboriginal veneered with civilization, send greeting. I thank God for the multitude of you; for the strength and beauty of you; for the healthiness of your tastes and the naturalness of your natures. I eat and drink with you; and with you by day and night enjoy the gifts of the good world.Kneeling on the deck of my yacht, stooping far over and reaching low down to fill to the brim the old camping cup that longer than the lives of some of you has never failed my lips, and holding it high in the bright sunlight, I swing it to the circle of the horizon, and standing bareheaded, with the strong wind in my face, I drink to your health, O campers, whoever and wherever ye be. Here's health to you all and long life on the earth and something very like camping ever after.

W.H.H. Murray, The Murray Homestead, Guilford, Conn., Winter 1897

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