Monday, November 06, 2006

Cedar Shingles, One at a Time

We chose to cover our new house in cedar shingles, stained an evergreen color that ages over time. The shingles were hand painted and put up on a clothes line to dry each night. The color is amazing. It is a collection of many colors, really, with the wood grain running through them. The sun, rain and wind weather them nicely over time so that they become a color only nature can create. The only regret we have about the shingles is that we used grade "A" instead of grade "perfection". Grade A has no knots, but it's not quite perfect. I guess it helps with our goal of making the house seem as if it has been here forever rather than a brand new house. But the perfection grade is, well, perfect. Compare the various grades of shingles before you make the choice.

Photo Credit: Mark Burstein

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