Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blackie, Our Baby Black Bear

Black bears are a part of life in the Adirondacks. We just don't want them in our garage eating packages of Hostess "donuts" left around by the caretaker. This little guy visited us briefly and scared the hell out of my little brother Rob. On another day, the bear and his mother visited Penwood, took a bag from McDonald's from a tractor and ate french fries while watching the workmen build our house. Still, I like them far better than the deer, which love to eat our plants, and are beginning to push me over the brink. My father had the grand idea of putting a salt lick out on an old tree stump to feed the deer. Now they think they own Penwood and have been tearing through the plant life like crazy. We'll take a baby Black bear over deer any day.

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