Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adirondack Shopping: The Birch Store

There are more and more unpleasant shops in the Adirondacks: you know the kind - full of twiggy boxes made in China (check the bottom!) and all that ye olde country cabin stuff. The farther you get from the city, the less appealing the shopping becomes. But there are some gems among many duds, and The Birch Store in Keene Valley is one of them. In a charming little house, the store sells cool, modern, fun, edgy accessories for the home. The Birch Store is worth a stop if you get to Keene Valley, and it also has a home on the web for those virtual Adirondack travelers among us. The store is located at 1778 Main Street in Keene Valley.

Photo Credit: The Birch Store

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  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    When growing up, my family - mother, father, grandmother and a slew of kids (6) would vacation in inlet. My dad would rent a cottage on the lake from a man whose last name was hudson. I have such fond memories. We were able to walk to a place called (I think) the Trading Post for ice cream. I believe it has burned down. It was filled with animal heads (real scarry for some) Does anyone remember either the Hudson's cottages in inlet or the trading post? I would like to go back in time to see where we used to go. The time period was mid 1950's - 1960
    If anyone has any info please contact me at