Sunday, October 29, 2006

Camp Eagle Cove is Dead

The tragedy of decaying Great Camps, disappearing summer camps, and other signs of the good times of old fading away -- these are evident across the Adirondack Park. Here is the old dining and recreation building of Camp Eagle Cove on Fourth Lake. I drove out to take photos of the Camp from the lake last summer because its about to disappear forever. The structures will be torn down, the lots subdivided, and new homes built. It's sad. My mother was a lifeguard at the camp when it was in its heyday. There is something good about having a camp on the lake that comes alive every summer; it's another reminder that summer is here. Now, we can look forward to a string of million dollar homes dotting the landscape where a vibrant summer camp once reigned. This one in particular has a special place in the hearts of all Fourth Lakers, and we will miss it when it breathes its final breath.


  1. Padfoot2:04 PM

    I was sad to learn that Camp Eagle Cove is no more, I worked there as a camp councellor in 1987, partly as a way of seeing the U.S.
    Is the closure of Eagle Cove typical of the fate of other camps across America? I didnt always appreciate my time at the camp but I feel something valuable has been lost here.

  2. my name is lisa lefler and my grandparents worked @ camp eagle cove& i would go & spend my summers there with them .i would help my grandfather work out side & paint and i helped my grandmother in the kitchen as she managed it .i am soo sad to read about the closing and the distruction of the camp. i cought plenty of fish and learned how to swim there. my grandparents worked there for many years there names are gordon & mary allaart & i believe the wines owned it then i know the owners sons name was larry wine . i live in texas now but i wish i could go up north to see the camp again. i miss it so much and i loved the time i spent there . & going snow mobiling with my grandfather & walking thru the woods . i could go on & on about how being there made & still makes me feel . my grangparents loved that place & i do & always will. if there is any one who knows or remembers my grandparents please feel free to contact me @ 979/595/7210 again my name is lisa . thank you and may god bless you .